May 24, 2017

REMINDER : Maryland School discussion meeting tonight

The Clayton Board of Education will be meeting to discuss (not vote) on the Maryland School property.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and help spread the word.  A large turnout could impact their discussion.

Tonight, - Wednesday May 24th
7 pm
#2 Mark Twain Drive

May 5, 2017

May 8th Meeting - Share Your Thoughts on the Future of Maryland School

Monday, May 8, 2017,  7 pm - 8:30 pm
LOCATION:  Board Room at the School District's Administrative Center
#2 Mark Twain Circle
Clayton, MO  63105

Chris Tennill, Chief Communications Officer from the Clayton School District, would like to invite residents to provide high-level feedback from our Old Town community about options for next steps with the Maryland School property.  They would like to hear from members of the Old Town Clayton Neighborhood Association, particularly those who live close to Maryland School, about their thoughts for the future use of the property. This, along with the survey that was sent out last week, will be one of several data points the Board of Education will use to make a decision about next steps for the property.  Another link to the survey is below for those of you who want to take it.

Share Your Thoughts on the Future of the Maryland School Property

The District last used Maryland School as an elementary school in 1980. Since being closed as an elementary school, the school and its grounds have been used as: rental property to a private preschool/elementary school (Clayton Academy), a temporary site for the District’s early childhood education program during construction and a temporary home for The Wilson School after a fire. A sale of the property fell through last year when the buyer could not obtain the necessary rezoning.

The survey will ask you to evaluate the following four options as well as provide you with an opportunity to suggest your own ideas. The options on the survey, which are based on options developed by the District's Long-Term Financial Planning Committee, include:

  • Renovate the building for potential future use by the District or an outside entity.
  • Make only needed repairs to the building and retain the entire property for potential future use.
  • Selling the entire property to be developed. (Current R-2 zoning allows for single-family homes.)
  • Sell the six out-lots (for single-family homes). Retain the remaining two acres for potential future use. This would include razing the building, creating green space with the remaining two acres, which could be used for potential future use or eventually sold for single family homes.