September 5, 2012

Public Hearing on 9/11 regarding proposed change in zoning

 Public Hearing Announcement from 
Ward 3 Aldermen Mark Winings and Alex Berger III

As your Ward 3 Aldermen, we wanted to let you know that a request has been made by a representative of two properties along Maryland Avenue that are currently zoned C-1 to add drive-through banking to the list of allowable uses (with a conditional use permit) for all C-1 property in Clayton. The Plan Commission voted 2-2 to recommend denial to the request. The Board of Aldermen, at its 8/28/12 meeting, conducted a public hearing which has been continued to the next meeting on 9/11/12 to provide additional opportunity to hear from residents and other interested parties.

A zoning map of the City of Clayton can be found on the city’s web site at This map will show the location of all areas currently zoned C-1, which generally are found along Maryland Avenue, Clayton Road, Demun, and at Wydown and Hanley. The agenda material for the item considered can be found (on page 49) at

The meeting on 9/11/12 will be at 7:00pm and will be held at The Center of Clayton.

Please note that if this amendment passes, any particular plan for drive-through banking in a C-1 zoned area would still require a conditional use permit, which would entail a separate public hearing and approval by the Board of Aldermen. However, it would make such a development possible (with a conditional use permit) where now it is prohibited completely. We welcome your input on this matter.