June 9, 2015

PUBLIC HEARING TONIGHT...6/9/15...7 pm City Hall Council Chambers

Residents are encouraged to attend if available.

1.     Ordinance – To approve rezoning at 111 N. Central Avenue from R-3, One and Two Family Dwelling District to C-2, General Commercial District. (Bill No. 6499)
2.     Ordinance – To approve rezoning at 25 N. Central Avenue from High Density Commercial (HDC) and Central Business District (CBD) Core Overlay District (COD) to a Planned Unit Development District (PUD). (Bill No. 6500)
·        To consider approvals for rezonings and a PUD for the Opus Development Company, LLC, to allow the construction of a mixed-use development at 25 North Central Avenue and a 30-space surface parking lot at 111 North Central Avenue.
3.     Ordinance – To approve a subdivision plat at 25 N. Central Avenue. (Bill No. 6501)
· To consider an application for a subdivision plat in support of the development of a new mixed-use project.
4.     Ordinance – To approve a petition requesting the formation of the 25 North Central Community Improvement District (CID) and to approve a Redevelopment Agreement. (Bill No. 6502)
·To consider a petition request submitted by 25 NC, LLC for the formation of a CID and to consider approving the Redevelopment Agreement.

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