March 21, 2008


Clayton's History Society is looking for historic photos and records to keep or to scan for the City's files and to display on its website. For details, call Judy Kekich at 314.290.8473.

The History Society is also partnering with OASIS and Sunrise Senior Living/Clayton on the Park on the Clayton Oral History Project. The History Society will catalogue oral histories about growing up, going to school and owning a business in Clayton as permanent records. Excerpts of the stories may be used on the Clayton History Society website and, as the city makes plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary of incorporation in 2013, in a History of Clayton book. Interviews will be videotaped. Two tapes (one for the participant and one for the Clayton History Society) will cost $50.

Please call OASIS at 314.367.5700 to schedule your oral history. Join us, as we capture and celebrate the wonderful details of daily life in our community.

I hope there will be many Old Town residents cooperating with this request to help preserve Clayton's past. Do you have any photos of your home, documents, or stories to tell?

- Cheryl Verde