November 21, 2014

Message to Old Town residents

As we all await the Grand Jury announcement, Pastor Mark Fulmer of The Gathering - United Methodist Church, located at the corner of Bemiston and Maryland, requested that the following  letter be shared with our neighborhood.  Whatever your religious persuasion, Pastor Fulmer's message is a public service invitation to reach out to our Old Town Clayton community.

Contact: Matt Fulmer, Clayton Site Pastor

As Clayton and the St. Louis region anticipate the Grand Jury decision regarding Darren Wilson, we all seem to be holding our breath waiting. We are waiting not only to hear the Grand Jury’s verdict but also to see how our community will respond. The air of waiting is full of division, tension and anger across our community. It’s in these situations especially that Christ teaches us to offer grace and peace to others. At this particular time, that practice is essential.

As people wanting to follow Christ’s example, we at The Gathering United Methodist Church want our church to be a place that responds to the pain we are all experiencing. We are opening our doors to be a place for prayer and respite. We are inviting anyone that would like to have a place for prayer to come join us.

We will offer two prayer services the evening the Grand Jury announcement is made at 6pm. The
services will be held at the Gathering Clayton, 101 N. Bemiston, and at our city location, 2105
McCausland. In addition, our Clayton site will be open in the days following as a place for people to
come for prayer and rest during the tension packed times. The church will be open from noon to 6pm
and we will hold a brief prayer service at the top of each hour.

As neighbors and community members, I want to invite you to join us for any of the services. If you
have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Matt Fulmer

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