November 11, 2014

Letter regarding Maryland School Development

With the intent to help keep our neighborhood informed about the Maryland School Development, I have been asked by Susan Ryan from SC Ryan Consulting, LLC to share the following letter from Bruce Korn with our community. 

November 2014

Dear  Neighbors:                                                                                                                              

On Monday, October 20th , my colleagues Larry Schiffer, Gyo Obata and I appeared before the Clayton City Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board for the first time to present the current plans for the Maryland School Town Homes. This Conceptual Review meeting was the first in a series of public meetings on the proposed development. We participated in open dialogue with board members, and we answered questions regarding the public demand for newly constructed homes that are efficient, easy to maintain and uniquely designed to specifically accommodate professionals and empty nesters. The development documents reviewed at the public meeting are available on the City of Clayton website for the public to review.

Since last spring, we have met with number residents of the Old Town Neighborhood to seek your feedback and ideas. We appreciate your time, as these meetings have been productive and have resulted in several plan modifications we wanted to share with you.  Recent changes include:

·         We have reduced the number of proposed units from 45 to 36 single-family town homes to add more green space to the neighborhood.
·         We have modified the setbacks for the townhomes. The Westmoreland setback was 20 feet and is now approximately 34 feet to the property line and 47 feet to the curb.  The Jackson setback was 10-12 feet and is now approximately 11 feet to the property line and 21 feet to the curb.  The Maryland setback was 17 feet and is now approximately 23 feet to the property line and 31 feet to the curb. These setbacks have been designed to better blend into the current look and feel of the neighborhood.
·         Access to the development is now limited to Jackson and Maryland Ave. The Westmoreland entrance has been removed. As with the original design, each building will provide secure, underground, out-of-sight parking for two vehicles per unit and no home has an individual driveway. We have created a high-hedge along Westmoreland within a landscape setting.
·         As residents of this community ourselves, we know there is a lot of affection for the Maryland School and the memories created there over the years.  We plan to honor those memories by retaining and integrating special architectural features of the school, such as the school’s entrance frieze and urns into the design of the neighborhood.  More information will be forthcoming as plans are solidified.

Unlike other development proposals, the Maryland School Town Homes does not seek tax breaks from the City of Clayton. The development also has many added benefits to the Clayton Community. The Maryland School Town Home community will:

·         add new neighbors who will bring new energy, support and revenue to Clayton restaurants, shops, services and businesses that will help drive our local economy.
·         result in millions of dollars to the Clayton School District that will add more life into the Districts 2003 tax levy, further delaying the need to return to voters for a tax increase.
·         generate nearly $400,000 in annual tax revenues for the Clayton schools and Clayton city services, which will help the school district and city retain their hard-fought AAA bond ratings.
·         bring $17-$20 million in construction spending into our local economy.
·         provide the needed incentive for improvement of the retail area on Forsyth.

We are currently reviewing the feedback received from the ARB and preparing information for the next step in the development process.  For updated photos of the plans, visit

Again, we appreciate your openness, and if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call. 

Bruce Korn
Maryland School Town Homes

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