May 8, 2015

Message from Susan C. Ryan - Updates to the Maryland School Town Homes project plans

Maryland School Town Homes Plans Evolve
Enhanced garden space, underground utilities, ample parking, state-of-the-art storm-water rain garden and nearly 200 trees will highlight the new neighborhood plans.

Interest in the Maryland School Town Homes project continues to grow as developers Bruce Korn and Larry Schiffer, and architect Gyo Obata stand poised to unveil the next phase of their proposal for the former Maryland School property.  Over the past few months, plans have evolved to incorporate ideas solicited from supportive residents, the business community and Clayton city officials; all with an eye toward ensuring that the finished product is one in which all parties can take pride. Next week, developers will continue through the approval process and present this latest plan to the Planning and Zoning and Architectural Review Board.

“We’ve always believed this is an innovative project that will bring new energy, support and revenue to Clayton restaurants, shops, services and businesses. It will help our local economy,” said Bruce Korn, project developer and co-owner. “What we’ve done is solicited and incorporated other ideas.  It’s an even better project now. We’re excited about the current plans and the positive influence this development will have on the community.”

Over the last several months, the project modifications have largely been focused on enhancing the greenspace, ensuring ample parking, and expanding the setbacks.  The plans currently include 35 single-family townhomes down from the proposed 45; underground utilities; added greenspace in the form of an open lawn and seating garden area; the addition of 171 trees, up from 106 trees; additional sidewalks and front yard plantings along Westmoreland; and a brick-faced retaining wall along Maryland Ave. The site also includes a rain garden/bio-detention basin and various architectural enhancements.

“This project is both state-of-the-art and very environmentally friendly,” explains Korn. “We couldn’t be more excited as we move ahead.” This proposal, if approved, will mean an immediate injection of millions of dollars to Clayton schools and substantial tax revenue to the Clayton community for years to come. The project aims to replace The Maryland School, which is in a significant state of disrepair and has not been used as an active Clayton school in 30 years.

Now that the project studies (parking, storm water and traffic) are completed, the appropriate modifications have been made and questions have been addressed in the current proposal.  Members of the Maryland School Town Homes development team have been speaking with Clayton residents over the past week to update them on the new plans and answer any questions they may have about the project.

A complete review of the plans as well as images can be found at the project’s website at With these changes, the support of residents, business owners and city leaders has continued to grow.

For more information on the project’s benefits, see as well as the projects Facebook page at

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