November 19, 2013

Announcement - New private social network for our Old Town neighborhood

Dear Old Town Clayton Neighborhood Association,

Our neighborhood has a new and impressive online communication tool called 'Nextdoor' which launched this week for Old Town. I wish to thank Old Town resident Lauren Herring for informing me about this free and exciting concept that will vastly improve our neighborhood communications. This is not's better because it is designed to be private.

Learn all about it and sign up at .  Some of you have already received an invitation to join by email or postcard.  I highly recommend that all Old Town residents consider joining.  Share this information with your neighbors. You are easily able to opt in on how you want to be alerted to news, etc. once you join.  There's even a free Nextdoor app to download for smart phones.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up.  I met with a 'Nextdoor' rep today and asked that our neighborhood's boundaries be made you may need to wait and try again in a few days if your address is not immediately recognized as an Old Town Clayton address.

Let's stay in touch with 'Nextdoor'!

Cheryl Verde
President, Old Town Clayton Neighborhood Association

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