June 17, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: June 24th Public Hearing on York Hotel Project

DISCLOSURE: * This message is made in courtesy to Terri Kerley (727-2972), Kathy Beilein (863-2650), and Suzi Forsyth (863-0739), and does not reflect the views of the Old Town Clayton Neighborhood Association Board or other Old Town Clayton residents.

Open letter To the residents of Old Town,

On Tuesday, June 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clayton City Hall, the Board of Aldermen will conduct a public hearing that will consider the R. J. York hotel and parking garage project proposed for the northwest and southwest corners of Central Avenue at Maryland Avenue.

We encourage you to attend this meeting so that you can consider some of the issues this project will raise:

*a precedent-setting change in the zoning of 2 of the 3 surface lots on North Central from Residential R-3 (One and Two Family Dwelling District) to C-3 (General Commercial District)

*encroachment on a residential neighborhood (mulit-level parking garage with 370+ spaces replaces 3 small surface parking lots)

*24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week activity, noise, safety, and traffic concerns

If you are cannot attend this meeting, we encourage you to send an e-mail to our aldermen, Steve Lichtenfeld at slichtenfeld@ci.clayton.mo.us and Alex Berger at aberger@ci.clayton.mo.us expressing your concerns about this project. You can also write to them at Clayton City Hall, 10 North Bemiston, Clayton, MO. 63105. It's important that we stand together as a neighborhood; our e-mails and letters will help us accomplish that.

- Concerned Citizens of Old Town

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